Ambulatory/Video EEG Test

What is an Ambulatory EEG?

While a routine EEG provides a 20-to 40-minute sample of the brain electrical activity, an ambulatory EEG test can record up to 72 hours of activity and allows patients to go about their normal routine (both sleep and awake) while being recorded.


How do I prepare for this test?

Before you come in:

  1. Wash your hair prior to the test. It must be dry and free from gels, conditioners, sprays and oils on the day of the test.
  1. Please wear a comfortable, lightweight t-shirt preferably cotton. Do not wear tank tops. In addition, please bring a button up or zipper up shirt.
  1. Unless otherwise instructed by your ordering physician, continue taking your medication.
At the office:

  1. Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time. Make arrangements to be here 1 ½ – 2 hours for the hook-up.
  1. The technologist will apply 22 EEG electrodes to your scalp and 2 EKG electrodes. There will be a recorder placed around your waist with a wire that connects to a strap around your upper chest area.
  1. After application of the electrodes, the technologist will perform a shore sample test to assure the equipment is working properly and that the electrodes have good contact to your scalp. Your head will be wrapped to completely cover all of the electrodes.
  1. The technologist will go over the instructions and answer any questions you may have. In addition, any activity log and instruction list will be given to you.
  1. We recommend that you make plans to stay home for the duration of the test.
  1. You will not be permitted to take a shower or bath or get the recorder wet at all during the test. You cannot give a child or anyone else a bath.
  1. You will be given your appointment time to be unhooked from the equipment. Make arrangements to be here approximately 1 hour to remove the equipment.