A Stroke or Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA) is the result of an interruption of the blood flow causing a loss of brain function. Quick analysis and accurate treatment are crucial to prevent residual impairment. Symptoms may include drooping of the face, extremity weakness and difficulty with speech. Emergent care should be sought with the presentation of these symptoms. Blood tests, MRI, CT scans, carotid ultrasound, angiograms or echocardiograms may be necessary to achieve an exact diagnosis and provide optimal management. Lawrenceville Neurology Center has the distinction of having been the first neurology group to adopt the use of intravenous tPA (clot buster) for acute strokes in Mercer County and surrounding communities. One of our members has been the Director of the Stroke Program at UMCPP since 2006 and leads a team effort that includes all of the members of the group. Three neurologists in the practice are also Board Certified in Vascular Neurology.

Understanding Stroke